Wedding flower inspiration for your reception

We meet with many beautiful couples and their family or friends to help them planning flowers for their wedding day. Some clients have rather specific ideas on what blooms they love, which varieties of flowers their favourites are or which they the least like. Truth is not everybody is a flower whizz or a hobby gardener, one may not know a single flower name. That is totally fine, don’t stress at all because that is the fun part for us to help and inspire you.

Classic wedding flowers are roses, orchids, and tulips and of course the amazing range of Australian Native blooms and greens, but what about sweet peas, delphinium, dahlia’s, anemones, poppies, hellebore, ranunculus, hydrangeas, Queen Anne Lace, cosmos, canterbury bells, Irish bells, lisianthus, paper daisies, easter daisies, veronica, or nigella?  

Choosing the flower colours can contrast with other major accessories such as dresses of the bridesmaids or it can be complementing those with a close colour hue of the dress colour.

You will also find the perfect vessel for your flowers in our vast inventory of hire items. Vases and flowers need to be in balance to achieve the perfect look on your tables.

How many arrangements do we need? – is a question I get asked a lot.

Let’s start with the type of table settings you have arranged with the planning team at your venue. A classic round restaurant table seating anywhere between 8-12 people has a lovely space in the centre. Depending on the space in the room we would recommend either a low arrangement (under 45cm height to be below eye level of your guests or an elevated arrangement above 70-80cm to be above eye level. You want to ensure that each guest is comfortable and can enjoy having a chat across the table. The higher and elevated option is a smart choice for big halls with high ceilings as it transforms the space optically. Alternative you can also use a candle tower from our hire range and have florals arranged shallow around it.

In a more secluded venue with perhaps lower ceilings lower arrangements like one medium to large vase arrangement or a set of two or three vase sets look truly elegant.

Banquet tables – long rows of trestle tables usually open styling options to a completely different level. Here you can play with different heights of arrangements to create a less formal look, or you could have a vast number of smaller but similar arrangements along the centre of each table row. Traditionally stylist choose an uneven number of arrangements per table. On the contrary I love to play with little islands of candles in between florals. That can look fabulous with 2 large oblong arrangements trailing over the table edge on each row end and one stretched out ‘candle island’ in the centre of the table row. Even 4 medium oblong arrangements with groups of candles in between each and on all table ends will look lovely. The choice of volume – size and quantity – of your table arrangements should be chosen to look beautiful and in a good proportion to the table space overall. Personally, there can never be too much flowers in my eyes because I love every bloom the more the better, however too little can look lost and less inviting for your guests unless the aim is a   minimalistic look which needs to be very carefully styled. Remember on the end this is your big, beautiful event and your vision of the perfect day is the goal here for everybody. You have the fun part to say what style you love most, how much your budget allows for this part, also consider what kind of space will be needed for food to be served.

Enjoy planning!

N xx