Reception linen styling inspiration

Choosing your table linen & textiles to create that lovely drape is the base of planning the style and aesthetic overlay at your reception. Like a primer to painting a wall the foundation has a significant impact to that seamless finish.

The combination of décor accessories will direct the layering effect together. It all depends entirely on the textiles you choose. When setting up table settings great care goes to how to drape it. I often go back to the reception area after finishing all setups for our clients and view the room from all angles possible to insure it looks just perfect.

With various textiles achieving an organic & rustic, or a romantic & chic look. Guaranteed there is a textile choice to fit your style vision. Luckily gone are the days when the only option offered was a starched white linen rectangular sheet, frilly edges pinned along the front of bridal tables. Imagine soft open weave linens with untamed raw edges, heavy textured damask, gossamer silks, soft pile velvet, natural linen and finest silk in every shape and form displaying from the minimalist & understated ranging to the fluid & sculptural style.

It gives you and stylists the wholesome freedom to express ourselves with drapery by itself taking on a completely new meaning. In the bigger picture you have the choice to set the base to a modest minimalistic or luxurious feel, either way it will influence how your guests embrace the atmosphere while celebrating with you.

Fabrics to achieve a less formal look can be open weave linens or cottons, sometimes called cheese cloth. These have a soft and loose movement within themselves which will add another layer to your table style. Combined with napkins bound in a lose knot a more carefree and relaxed atmosphere will be welcoming your guest.

For the ultimate dreamland setting and call it ‘barely there’ – 100% sheer silk runners will be the hero for your reception tables. It’s illusiveness and lightness give this luxurious textile the power to set the mood for a timeless picture for years to come when looking back at this cherished moment with your family and friends.

The combination of colour and textile opens the door to a playful contrast by selecting that unique combination together with your flower style. Beautiful, coloured tablecloths can add quiet a drama through contrast, a dreamy moody ambience will be achieved. Looking back in history drapery and textiles were a distinctive way to display wealth and joy of living in houses around the globe. Where the family gathered rich carpets, wall drapery and textiles in all shapes and functionality were adding warmth and comfort.

Selecting table linen for your wedding reception can be subtle greys to the decadence of velvet black, deep dusty blue, to contrasting colourful florals. On the opposite soft hues of blush pinks, peach, ivories can accompany light-coloured blooms on your tables.

Remember that colour is an important part of your initial textile decisions and imagine texture in relation to seasons.

Happy planning.

N xx