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ORLANDO – ORCHIDS in bloom are a timeless gift for so many occasions. Our varieties are quality plants, lovely presented in a clear glass dish or seasonal creamic dishes with fresh forest moss. We hand select our plants from our suppliers, we look after them and deliver only quality products. Our plants are repotted in a beautiful vessel and covered with fresh forest moss.

Colours change each week depending on supplies at the Brisbane Markets. We handselect the most unusual or pretty patterned blooms for you.

Easy to look after: mist water 1-2 times weekly. In summer you may submerge the plant in water once a week for a good drink of fresh water. Did you know that orchids can take water in from their leaves and petals? Cut stem on bottom once all blooms are spent. Keep in shade indoor or outdoor. Most plants will reproduce flowers if kept in good condition. If you need any advice how to look after them, feel free to contact us so we can help.

Pictured is a sample – Plants and pots may vary depending on availability, quality and value are guaranteed.

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