Hightea – Blooming tea box




Hightea – Blooming tea box

A splendid gift box with the finest blooming teas, Buddha’s tears and Jade Rings!

New SPRING SPECIAL – including a pressed tea cube 🌹with flower petals!

Jasmin blooming tea – A blooming tea ball can be infused for 6-8 cups size tea pot. We believe they are the most relaxing and delightful way of having a cuppa. Perfect for a get-together with friends and time to talk. ‘Haibei Tuzhu’ is a handwoven white tea. It opens like a flower while infusing to display 5 jasmin blossoms strung to form an arc. Snow Lotus – ‘Zhumei Xuelian’ is a handcrafted needle-shaped white tea ball. It opens like a flower to display a string of creamy snow lotus buds. ‘Budda’s Tears’ – White tea beautifully hand-rolled dragon pearls, coupled with the delicate fragrance of jasmin blossoms. An excellent tea with a superb flavour that’s  second to none. Jade Rings – China White Tea, delicate silvery, white green tea shoots from the Yunnan mountains are hand-formed into rings. Delightful herbaceous slightly sweet taste with a pale pink cup and gently refreshing.

These delightful teas can be a lovely gift by itself or added to a lush flower bouquet for a special person! We are head over heels in love with these fine teas and choose only from the best tea vendors in Australia.

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