Dotti – Our NEW handselected potted plant collection for any occasions. A house with green plants is a happy house! This is a perfect house warming gift for anyone.

Our varieties of premium plants are lovely presented in a contemporary ceramic or clear glass dish with forrest moss including gift card. We hand select plants from our local suppliers and plant them in quality vessels covered by green forest moss. A florist arranges each plant and handwrites your message card.

Our plant range includes sansebar plant, unique ferns, lucky bamboo, peace lily, bromeliad, fig tree and other interesting seasonal varieties. We can also source specific plants for your customised order. Contact us directly for special pre-orders otherwise we will choose an available variety for you.

If you need any advice how to look after them, feel free to contact us so we can help. Pictured is a sample. Plants and pots may vary depending on availability, quality and value are guaranteed.

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