As proffessional florist we love sustainability & going green

With all my heart I started from scratch in this industry in 2017, completed training in floristry to gain all accreditations. After this rather formal and traditional training I couldn’t help but felt the need to dust off the way how floristry seemed to be.

Lucky enough I secured online and distance-educational workshops with some of my adored teachers whose books and publications had inspired me in the first place to learn their craft. From Paula Pryke OBE – UK I learned to use different mediums to replace the ‘florist foam’. Another brilliant florist I was able to learn with is Francoise Weeks, her teaching was brilliant and enabled me to explore innovative techniques further from there.

You wonder perhaps what is florist foam? These are phenolic blocks of foam which were invented around 1950. Each block contains about the same amount of plastic as 10 plastic shopping bags. These foam blocks, for fresh and grey for dried flowers, are non-biodegradable, non-recyclable and toxic for both humans and animals. I remember the water in the ‘foam bucket’ at school had a rainbow film on the top and the water was no longer clear, when handling or cutting it dry it made me cough.

A no brainer to find other ways – My online products on our website when we launched had not one product listed what required foam! 

Before a real alternatives like compressed mineral-based wool ‘Agra Wool’, ‘flora guppy’, ‘pillow’ and others came on the market we experimented and tried out anything, tying little vases to arbour frames, using sponge moss from nurseries in chicken wire constructions, biodegradable water pouches and so much more. Our first 100% foam free wedding was delivered containing a 2.4m circular arbour filled with lush greens and blooms and a half ring in front for a whimsical woodland style, table flowers at reception and throughout the venue, flower crown station for guests and more. All that without one block of foam, I am still proud about that day and remember the satisfaction walking out from the venue with a big grin!

Yet another item we have seen trending are candles in thin glass cylinders, from cheap shops like IKEA or online. Before you buy or order online just consider for one moment, DO YOU EVER NEED 30-50-or even 100 cheap and easy breakable glass cylinders? Will you clean the wax off and wash and re-use them or honestly throw the lot in the waste bin on the next day after your event? Consider hiring glass cylinders, votives, candle holders, vases.

We offer a beautiful range of premium heavy glass cylinders which will be delivered sparkling clean, set up with pillar candles or floating candles of your choice. Part of our service and aim to deliver sustainable weddings & events to our amazing clients includes pick up of all hire props after the event. We take care of cleaning the wax off glasses, hand wash each item.

When planning your wedding, ask questions and ask for alternative options to foam or one-use plastic. Remember that consumers have a lot of power!

N xx